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Shift Or Gplshift

Today, 05:26 AM

Posted by Marcel in GPL-Tools/Utilities
Hello Guys,

Fairshift or GPLshift as a solution to my question (I prefer Fairshift)

There has been written a lot about both programs but there is one thing I probably have missed. I'm trying to get my Thrustmaster TH8rs working in GPL. I use the shifter together with a Fanatec CSW set. Shifter as standalone (USB). Wheel and pedals can be callibrated and in fairshift I can see my shifter is working. However in GPL after callibrating you can assign wheel and pedals but you also have to assign a button to upshift and down shift. If I assign the wheel paddles to up- and down shiting, I can't use my shifter. If I use the shifter to assign it's not working as a H-shifter but merely as a sequential shifter. (gear 1 is up, gear 2 is down) What do I do wrong. I didn't try GPLshift. I want to use the clutch pedal as well and that one is working. I hope someone has the solution because it's driving me nuts. I had it working with another Fanatec setup but there the shifter was hooked up through the wheel. That worked like a charm. So one option is to get the Basherboard solution to connect the Thrustmaster directly to the wheel. But people here got my setup working so it's possible.

Second question. I'm always driving in cockpit vision, and if I recollect correctly you can change the drivers position in a way that he moves backwards and you can see him shift. Now i only see his arm doing something but not the shifter. I know this is possible, but how do you do this.

Thanks in advance.


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Gpl Newbie

28 Jul 2014

Posted by stants61 in Member Feedback
Hi all, just signed up and been reading up. Great site, heaps of info.
I only just found out about GPL a couple of weeks ago, by mistake searching for historic racing stuff.
So i know nothing about it except it looks fantastic and has great reviews and legend status.
I havent purchased the game yet, but i have been trying to find some where to buy it.
It seems incredibly hard to source. i have googled around and amazon seems the only place to get it.
Can you guys direct me to where else, i might find it?
Do you need a CD or can it be downloaded from somewhere?
Thanks in advance.

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Tracks With Best Graphics

29 Jul 2014

With the new Spa67 apparently around the corner now, I'm interested to know what are according to you graphically the best tracks of this moment. I might be missing out. :)

From the tracks that I know, in my opinion the ones with the best graphics are:

-Oliver's Mount. Some trees have the wrong bark colour, but overall this looks the most coherent and next-gen (for GPL standards) to me. Plus it's huge fun hotlapping a 67 F1 through it, the feeling of speed and insanity is so extreme.
-Targa Florio. You can't really get around that (no pun intended). Overall not as extremely detailed and finished as Oliver's Mount, but it's 70 times as long. The horizon is amazing.
-Dundrod. Not as perfect as Oliver's Mount, but all in all very nice indeed.
-Honorable mentions for Opatija with graphics update & Clermont-Ferrand with graphics update.
-The original Nurburgring with the Gammaworx update also is nicely immersive and full of atmosphere.
-The upcoming Spa67 and full Isle Of Man appear to be at the same level or higher as Oliver's Mount.

Track that I'd love to see pimped to top graphics quality: Rouen. I love the track, the geometry and surroundings lends itself to beautiful graphics. It already looks really good but other tracks have shown it can be even better.

PS1: I'm aware of Monaco updates, but I feel that with different textures it could look more real, less "drawn".
PS2: I think that with the latest & greatest we are getting close to the limits of the engine. For more realistic surroundings, you'd need a newer engine with better lighting & shadows, shaders, bumpmaps...And of course you'd still need excellent graphics artist to get the most out of it. In that respect, GPL modders are top notch.

"With a billion sprites, who needs polygons?" :)

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Car Cam Files For All Mods (How I Did It)

Yesterday, 12:01 PM

View Postgabuck, on Jun 24 2011 - 02:35 PM, said:

In the past I've used a tool called CarCam Edit to modify the camera perspectives of the car.

Since the car set mods I can only get it to work on the 67 car sets as it can't locate a *.Cam file in the other car sets. Is there any alternative tool which might work on 65, 66,67,69 and GT mods?


Ok, so I know this topic is outdated but I thought I should post this here as the topic was already started here. I dont know if geoff got his camera files, and I didn't know you could extract them from the .data files in the car folders. This is what i did, I made copies of all the cars .cam files from the 67 car folders and place them in the coresponding mods (65,66,69) car folders. For the 66 mod, I cross referenced the c07 to c18 car pics with the ones in gem+ and in that way, found out what the car make was and then copied that make of the cars .cam file into the folder. next I renamed the .cam file to corespond with all the "c" car folders. (ex: c07 folder should have the .cam file renamed to c07 in order for every camera angle to show up in the game.) I did this for all the cars in the 66 mod folder. the result is a .cam file in every car folder that you can now modify to your own needs for every mod. hope this is helpfull for anyone out there.


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**mishawka Speedway**

29 Jul 2014

Posted by Kurt in N2K3-Track & Mod Upload Zone

I took a break from roadcourses and made this .662mile short track  the layout well
not one like it. Give it try and see what you think, like it or hate it let me know.

Big thanks to Daveo83 for testing.


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