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Joe Cocker Rip

Today, 12:29 PM

Posted by snafu in Off Topic Chat
Just heard the sad news that Joe Cocker died today Aged 70 after a long battle with Lung Cancer...

RIP Joe.



Another Legend gone :(


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Interesting Views From Rick Mears

Today, 12:47 PM

Posted by Bo Bruce in Motorsport Chat
tho he talks in terms of IndyCar.. i think it relates well to F1 also.

------my thoughts----------------

i'm old school as well. i remember racing in the 60's.. yes, dangerous - but it was the drivers that made the differences.
Apply today's safety improvements to the cars, single wing forms (not the aero wind tunnel perfect monstrosities of today -worse in F1)
if not thinner tires, at least harder ones.. the degradation narrows racing lines, so often when a car CAN overtake, its too dangerous for loss of griip.

i don't need side by side packs of 10+ cars to have good racing.. we had characters in those days.. because the REAL racers stood out (front)
now, its all commercialized, homogenized  and we have no fan favorite - because they're all the same.

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Texture Mapping Gpl Cars

Today, 02:27 AM


I am making up some skins for use in our GPL league and I wanted to change the way the textures are mapped on to the model but have no idea where to start. I know texture mapping can be frustrating and I'm guessing it's not straight forward with GPL but would like to give it a go while I've got some time off over the Christmas break. Is there a tutorial here any where or can someone give me enough info to get started?

I was also hoping to test my skins in an offline race. Is there some way to force GPL to use the online skins in a one make offline race? I can get the players car and the original car numbers to use the skins I want, but cars that were originally another make use the default skin.

Cheers and Merry Christmas to all

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Pit Stops

Yesterday, 01:27 PM

Posted by Pete Gaimari in Off Topic Chat
The danger in auto racing should only be for the drivers on the track. It shouldn't be for the pit crews. They need to change the rules to slow everybody down. It will be fair for the drivers as long it's the same for everybody. Winning the race in the pits is stupid.


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Clash Of The Titans - Lauda Vs Hunt

Yesterday, 12:59 PM

Posted by svenvangent in Off Topic Chat
Not so long ago i've seen the movie Rush with  Lauda and Hunt and I came across this on you tube .


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