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Zeltweg71 Track-Update

Yesterday, 12:36 PM

Posted by Orpheus in GPL-Track Addons
Thanks Thomas for your fantastic Österreichring (Zeltweg71) Track-Update!



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Some Gpl Tools

Today, 02:10 PM


in the last years I wrote some tools for gpl.

Maybe someone has read about my dirtgear/pitstop_patch.

Before I worked on it I have written a statistic tool, a tool to watch replays for collisions, for ShiftRs and a telemetry tool which can draw things like throttle, brake, tire temps and so on.

I hope this image from statistic tool makes you curious:

Posted Image

If you have any interest look here: http://www.eolcrepla...ad/index_e.html
At this place you find more about my entire works.

Best Regards

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Spa 1967 - Readme & Screenshots

Today, 08:01 AM

Hi all

here is the README of Spa 67 and some screenshots.... WORK IN PROGRESS (WIP) :)
The release should be in 2014.


SPA Francorchamps 1967 for Grand Prix Legends version 1.0

Made by John Basara, Hatzi, Thomas Laechele, ginetto, sky, Stefano Zampedri, and others.

Track Location: Francorchamps, Stavelot, Belgium
Track Type : Road Circuit
Track elevation: 400 m. above sea level
Track Length : 14.112 km.- 8.769 mil.
Track Num. Turns : 21
Track Year : 1967

Check out the preview movie made by Stefan Roess:

The story of spa67 for Grand Prix Legends

The first time, John Basara’s files were posted, was in 2006, he made the ribbon of the whole track thinking that the elevations were final and the track needed a total make up . But till 2010 there was no one working with the files. At this time, the track was only the road and grass on the trackside. The layout was in many ways different to the original papy track. There were no 3DOs placed or built, the altitudes of the track only edited until Les Combes and the textures were only placeholders.

Hatzi came to the project in March 2010. He started to correct the existing altitudes. Roman was already in the team and supported Hatzi and ginetto. Hatzi also started working on the gtk file in building the landscape. He also added some existing 3DOs. With the help of ginetto he started to correct the layout. So ginetto is the good angel of the development who had always helped immediately when Hatzi didn't know how to do something, because he never made a complete Grand Prix Legends track. After the first year the track was an alpha-version and on a promising way. Hatzi started to build new 3DOs for bushes, trees and areas which couldn't be built with the traces and walls within the GTK, like the Eau Rouge bridge section.

At this time, Roman (sky) started the work on his extraordinary ground textures. This kind of realistic and high resolution textures were never seen before on a Grand Prix Legends track. The next big step was the joining of Thomas (thl) to the group. Thomas did some texture updates for existing tracks. His skills in creating textures of the horizon, all kind of vegetation, houses and hills were helpfull. Stefano built the houses and their textures at the La Source area and other places. Thomas and Hatzi started to build the houses and hill 3DOs. Hatzi made the 3DOs and Thomas created the textures. Most of them were basically pictures of the buildings which are still there, or sometimes inspired by Google street-view. Most textures were completely new creations. Hatzi also started adding all sorts of stuff (poles, spectators, electricity cables, more trees, more bushes).

In 2012 Phil entered the group and started building the pit building, the grandstands and editing the hill 3DOs. He is not only the fastest driver of the Grand Prix Legends world, he is also an excellent track editor. To have a case of more realism, we also decided to reflect the weather and sunshine conditions on the textures. At this time it was clear that there must be different versions of the track 3DO and different versions of the resolution of the textures, so slower computers could also make the track drivable.  In May 2013 Duncan came back. He had already been part of the group some years before but then left without any information of his plans. He did an extremely detailed research work for all parts of the track. Together with Hatzi he edited the altitudes in many parts of the track. So the last 1 ½ years was a time of fine-tuning.

I hope I did not forget some of you but I don't know when, Michel, Greg and all the others entered the group. They helped in testing, creating the AI file and the cam file. In the last couple of months ginetto overtook the lead of the group and managed the finalizing of the track folder and the installer.


Project Leader: Hatzi
Base GTK: John Basara
GTK development: Hatzi
GTK fine-tuning: Duncan, ginetto
3DOs: Hatzi, Stefano Zampedri, ginetto, Phil Woodward
Horizon and Textures: Thomas Laechele, sky, and others
Optimising and bug-fixing: ginetto
Camera file: Greg Liebzeit
Optimising AI: Greg Liebzeit
Historic research and Pictures: Duncan, M Needforspeed

Hosting the private forum: the Grand Prix Legends Repository

Hosting the track: the SimRacing Mirror Zone & GPLworld.eu

Special thanks to

All the community for giving me the right support for making this happen!

All the special guys that developed the tools for editing every Grand Prix Legends related things!

The notorious Papyrus for giving me lots of fun!

the SPA67 MOD team

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Video: Honda F1 And F2 In The 60's

Today, 02:57 AM


This is a fascinating video by Honda of their achievements in F1 and F2 in the 1960's. It contains footage I haven't seen anywhere else, including Pau and Albi. It was posted on Pistonheads.

The only downside is they mention the RA302 crashed and caught fire at Rouen, but don't even mention Schlesser's name, let alone that he died. OK, so it's a corporate PR video but even so that's pretty bad.

It's still well worth a look.

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V8 Challenge

Yesterday, 04:13 PM

Posted by twinpotter in I Wanna talk about other Sims or Games
Just dug out(as you do) my old copy of V8 Challenge by EA sports for old nostalgic reasons.
After googling about to see if there are any updates/mods it seems they were.They were 2003/4 season updates but I can't seem to find any live links for the files.

Anybody know of or have an idea where I can find these files, or more, then please point me in the right direction.

Thanks- TP:


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