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Pit Guy Missed A Lap. Huh?

Today, 01:16 PM

Posted by Manfred Cubenoggin in GPL-"Help! I'm having trouble with..."
Hi, fellas!  :)

Not a problem per se to be posted here in this section but an observation of a curious situation which I recently encountered.

I'd like to run something by you that occurred in an online go at Pau the other day with the F2 mod.  In short, I lost a lap off my pit board.  I rely exclusively on the pit board as I don't use Pribluda.

The scenario...

I was in a fair, heated and marvelous duel with a fellow competitor for a minor placing for virtually the entire race of 34 laps.  Remember that figure.  As we got down to the final tours, I was watching for the leader(s)in my mirrors as some laps earlier, I had noted that the next man down to me was shown a lap down.  That could only mean that the leader had lapped that car and that I'll be next on the menu in due course.  After a time, sure enough, I picked up a car in the far distance in my mirrors.  It was the leader closing fast.  I then received a flash on my board that indicated that I had two laps to run and if I wanted that placing from my rival, I'd better get a move on.  I completed that lap and as I crossed the S/F line to finish what would be my last lap, the leader...let's call him Joe...was right on my tail.  In fact, over the last chicane and last couple of corners, I'd received blue flags.  I was loathe to yield, of course, as being lapped would prematurely put an end to my challenge.  Joe should have received the checkered flag, right?  As such, I had the chance to complete the full distance and take a stab at a last-lap challenge to my rival.  Sadly, going into T2 at the bottom of the hill, Joe drilled me in the tail and we both spun.  I lost the chance to challenge.  Joe fell to 2nd place and finished there.  Imagine my shock as in post-race chat that Joe was furious with me for blocking his pass attempts.  He claimed that he had another lap to run before the finish.  ???  I maintained that I wasn't lapped and that his race was over.  Another competitor...the ultimate winner, in fact...supported Joe's contention that there was, indeed, another lap to run.  I left the server in a most confused and bewildered state.

In checking both my client replay and the server version later, it was revealed that when I crossed the S/F just in front of Joe to start my last lap, it was, in fact, not Lap34 but rather, Lap33.  More ???  Hardly believing my eyes, the next day, I staged five, 5-lap offline races with/without AI to check the phenomenon.  The AI was very fast and I just tooled around in the first race coming within a ciggie paper of being lapped.  My pit board counted down the laps from the start with notations of 4, 2 and 1.  ???  What happened to 3?  I staged another race and got the same result.  I then staged a 3rd 5-lapper with the Ai disabled and got a countdown of 4, 3, 2 and 1.  I staged a fifth race with the AI back but dialed way back on pace...they were ludicrously fast...such that I could hang in there with them.  I finished P2 some five seconds off the lead and got a proper countdown on my board of 4, 3, 2 and 1 lap to go.  So...

My questions are...  Can the pit board be influenced by the proximity of the leader in a lapping situation?  Can GPL shave off a lap from the countdown?  Has anyone seen a similar occurrence at this or any other circuit?

Curious stuff...


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Mybroga 47Th Season

Today, 03:27 PM

Posted by mcmirande in GPL-"Hey, anyone need a racer?"

We'll race alternatively on tuesdays (F2 or 66) one week and the wednesday (67 or 67x) at the following one (only one race in a week).
Let us know if you'll race by here or in the facebook group "Mybroga (Grand Prix Legends)"

All the news of the league will be at http://freeleo.hu/we...agues&league=10

Saludos / Cheers



Vamos a correr alternadamente los martes (F2 o 66) una semana y miércoles (67 o 67x) a la siguiente (sólo una carrera por semana).
Avisen quiénes van a correr por aquí o en el grupo de facebook "Mybroga (Grand Prix Legends)"

Todas las novedades de la liga estarán en http://freeleo.hu/we...agues&league=10


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Canam Gfx Addons X Stardust

28 Jun 2016

Posted by G.Spinning in GPL-Track Addons
In 1966 the Stardust tower was still wooden. This add-on made  by Remy and Ginetto for the Stardust track completes the series of CA66 mod specific add-ons made for the championship tracks:

Stjovite (http://srmz.net/inde...showtopic=11437),
Bridgehampton (http://srmz.net/inde...showtopic=11251),
Mosport (http://srmz.net/inde...opic=10761&st=0),
Laguna67 (http://srmz.net/inde...showtopic=11449)
Stardust (this topic)


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Low Ai Top Speed In 60Fps

27 Jun 2016

HI Everyone,

If I run any session in GPL that the AI take part in while using 60FPS, their top speed never gets any higher than about 140mph / 230km/h, and they don't get out of 4th gear (or 5th in 6 speed cars), almost as if they have a speed limiter on them.  It happens in any mod I run under 60FPS ('67 historical V2, original '67, '66 and '69 extra), and I've tried all the different V1 and V2 versions in GEM.  Does anyone have any idea what it could be? I have the AI speed set to '1' in GEM, but changing it to anything else doesn't change their top speed either (I understand there is a bug in GEM that sometimes doesn't change this value properly in the relevant file anyway)

If I switch back to 36FPS, the AI are back to full speed again.

I'm running Windows 10 but have always had the same problem in Windows 7 as well.

Cheers for any help!

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